Saturday, November 28, 2009

Glass Bead Technology Timeline

BCE 2000 (circa) Glass cullet found in 1919 at Eridu (Ur III period), probably made nearby but workshop of origin unknown. The piece of cullet indicates some advance in glassmaking technology since it was colored dark blue with about 0.10% cobalt. Find reported: H. R. Hall, A Season's Work At Ur (London, 1930; p. 213). Analysis: Sir Harry Garner, "An Early Piece of Glass From Eridu," Iraq 18 (1956), British School of Archaeology in Iraq; pp. 147-149. The cullet is in the British Museum, Dept. of Western Asiatic Antiquities.

BCE 1500 Glass made in the Russian Caucusus. Reported: M. A. Bezborodov and J. A. Zadneprovsky, "Early Stages of Glassmaking in the U. S. S. R.," Slava Antigua 12 (1965), p. 127.

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